ICOH 2100

Trust is the hardest currency in international business life. Trust is the opposite of a culture of reciprocal overreaching. Trust is based on the expectation that our counterpart represents the same high ethical standards as we do.

Out of this conviction, the corporate consultant Amelia ZINKE established the ''International Circle of Honour 2100'' in 2014. It advocates a sustainable economy and value-driven business behaviour.

All Members of the ICOH 2100 pledge to always operate after the fundamentals of fair responsible behaviour and principles of respectable businessmen/businesswomen. All stand for ethical business conduct and the basic principles of morals, decency and honesty. Only after an exhaustive examination may candidates be admitted into the ''International Circle of Honour 2100'' - and only after all Members have voted.

Access to networks is fundamental. Without this access, it is impossible to develop trade relationships and operate successfully in other regions of the world.

The Members of the ''International Circle of Honour 2100'' have excellent networks at their disposal to high-ranking persons in the economy, industry, financial world and politics in various countries and sectors. The Members of the ''International Circle of Honour 2100'' attach great importance to the fact that these networks do justice to all requirements of the compliance. They provide their knowledge, contacts and ideals at the disposal of all other Members of the ''International Circle of Honour 2100''. In this way, the network composed of the Members of the ''International Circle of Honour 2100'' builds a network of reciprocal trust for the clients of all Members.